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Enroll Now in the FBush School of Ministry

Correcting Your Kingdom Foundation-Cost $150

A six weeks course  designed for everyone at any level.

March Session

Classes meet online and in person THURSDAYS evenings 

March 28 through May 9 2024


May Session 

Classes meet online and in person TUESDAY evenings

May 7 through June 11


Kingdom Culture Leadership Certificate-Cost $350

 A 6 Month course to earn a distinguished  leadership certificate

Classes meet online and in person  twice monthly TUESDAYS 7-9pm

August Session

August 2024-January 2025 


February Session

February 2025-July 2025

FBush School of Ministry Classes are hosted at Crown Kingdom Cultural Center  720  Old Edgefield Rd North Augusta, SC

Contact Trina Anderson Brinson, Dean  for questions about how we can accommodate your special learning needs.


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Recovery from a HURTING breakup Dealing with the shock of how he left. It's difficult to stop the offense because everything he does is intensifying the pain.


Quality of life requires us to remain humble, but good relationships demands that those you bring into your life properly assess your value. If you do not demand this exchange expect to be mishandled and misappropriated. "Be careful how you ADD those who SUBTRACT your value. Self-worth is everything!"

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