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Welcome to 360 PartnerzLoop!

Your choice to connect changes everything. Join the frontline with Pastors Finace and Denise Bush to spread the Gospel of Grace to those in need. By signing up today, you will also receive exclusive access to the 360 Partnerzloop Portal

Your Monthly donation might seem miniscule when standing alone. But, when collectively measured, your donation will change the lives of millions!

How does one determine the value of a dollar? When it has the potential to change the lives of millions of people! That’s what your partnership with our ministry does. When you become a 360 PartnerzLoop you enable our ministry to go forth, preaching the Gospel to all the world, and ultimately saving millions of lives. Think about Jesus feeding the multitudes; it all started with a few crumbs. But with the blessing of God upon it, it multiplied and blessed an uncountable number!


It doesn’t stop there! Your monthly partnership commitment helps us to help others. How? Through food assistance, housing assistance, childcare, job placement, mentorship, and training the leaders of tomorrow. Think of your partnership as your church beyond the walls. Essentially, your monthly donation does just that; takes us beyond the walls of the church and allow us to go into the communities, homes, schools, education centers and train more leaders and feed more people – both with Spiritual Food and physical food that enriches the body.

We know, trust, and believe that as our mission to expand outside the walls of the church, God blesses us inside the walls. We believe that, no matter what, we can never beat God in His giving. To that end, as we strive to bless others, the same comes back to us as a 360-degree cycle. Thus, our 360 PartnerzLoop is an ever-blessing cycle that operates in a continual “loop of blessings” that is never-ending.

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