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Experience the POWER of the Loop!

Your commitment:

When you commit as a 360 PartnerzLoop, you agree:

  • To be a committed partner. Meaning that you will pray daily for the Bushes and for our outreach.

  • To attend events when the Bishop or First Lady Bush speaks in your city.

  • To believe that as your donation goes out to bless others and you will live in expectation that God will also bless you! You will no longer believe that you live in lack, but that you become part of our “blessing loop” and that you will experience blessings both naturally and supernaturally!

  • You will, as our “blessing loop” partner, now confess that you are the head and not the tail, you are a lender and not the borrower, that you live above and not beneath! That you are a creator in God’s Kingdom! You create opportunities to bless others as well as yourself!

  • To commit to a monthly partnership donation or to converting your monthly donation to a one-time donation for the entire year.

Our Commitment:

As your partner, our pastors and church workers will pray daily for your seed to prosper as your soul prospers daily. We will commit to assist with your spiritual growth through monthly correspondence directly from Bishop and/or First Lady Bush. You will receive:

  • Daily prayer for God’s 360 Blessing to operate continuously in your life.

  • Monthly correspondence from the Bishop.

  • A monthly Scripture chosen just for you as a 360 PartnerzLoop!

  • A personal invitation to a yearly special service prayer conference for 360 Partnerz only to be spiritually fed and prayed for by Bishop.

  • In addition, you will receive gifts throughout the year specifically chosen for 360 PartnerzLoops! This might be a book written by the Bishop specially chosen for partners, CDs of special messages, DVDs of various services, and other blessing materials that are only for 360 Partners. This is our commitment to you!

  • And upon the launching of our eNewsletter, partners will receive this before it is released to others!



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